Hire Me


  • Executive Coaching for nonprofit professionals

    Shana can be retained by individuals who want to work on career obstacles with a dedicated and insightful partner, or by organizations who want to provide intensely targeted professional development to one or more of their senior professionals.

*also academics and some for-profit professionals, career changers, millennials of all stripes, and entrepreneurs.

  • Workshops

    Shana regularly presents leadership development workshops to a variety of audiences, and enjoys adjusting her curriculum to taste.  (How much salt and pepper do YOU want?)  She has also presented stand-alone seminars on fundraising for both introductory and highly experienced audiences, professionals and volunteers.  Her workshops are all highly experiential and draw inspiration from across disciplines.  Timing and format can always be tailored to your needs.  (This includes workshops for boards – and if you’re reading this blog, don’t you think it’s time you brought someone in to do a formal fundraising training for your board?)

  • Conferences and Speaking Engagements

    Need a keynote speaker, panel discussant or facilitator, lunch and learn headliner, or guest lecturer?  Shana is delighted to reflect on topics from her portfolio of expertise, equally at home discussing development trends, gender differences, organizational strategy, etc., or any combination thereof.  A dynamic authority on a very many topics surrounding nonprofit organizations and practicalities of leadership development, Shana can bring candor, humor, and meaty substance to your event.  There are a lot of folks who can talk about fundraising…but there’s only one Development Shrink.

  • A variety of strategic consulting needs through Vili and Ve Solutions.

    Need help for your organization?  If you read this blog and can’t quite figure out what question to send into the mailbag because there’s so much going on at your organization that you can’t see the forest for all the dysfunctional trees, Shana specializes in helping nonprofits untangle that kind of very very common mess.  It’s rarely as bad as you think, but a fresh, expert perspective can make a big difference, and a small engagement could set you on a much better path towards your mission.