Quick Tip: Document Management


I’m pretty good about tracking where my documents are – I work virtually with most clients, so I have to keep track of different drafts of this and that, all my notes, etc.  And between email attachments stored in my inbox, my drop box account, my google drive, my laptop, my external hard drive (I have a lot of data – a big stationary computer was cheaper than adding tons of memory to my cute little mac air)…if I *do* lose track of something, it can take a while to sort through everything and find the proverbial needle in the haystack.  And really, it’s haystacks, plural.So, I’m pretty excited to try this: Ooberdocs.

It downloads incoming email attachments to your dropbox, and then sends you a text to tell you about it.  It seems like a great idea, very straightforward value proposition.  Consolidate your haystacks…

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