Quick Tip: Waterlogue

I don’t get paid to plug anything.  But I love to share my excitement about products that make my life easier or more pleasant…and this one makes me look like a graphic genius with my consulting work.  (And while I have a good eye, I have very few execution skills.  I need my tools!)

Don’t worry – after handing over a few files, I tell them how I did it…my consulting philosophy is always to provide a platter of fish and rod at the same time.  The best way to earn new work is always to be so good that you’re working on referrals more than repeat business…after a while, folks start to wonder why they’re paying you. AGAIN.

Here’s my “secret” new toy: Waterlogue.  For $2.99 (at the time this post was published), you can turn low grade photos into passable art for your organization’s publications, website, tumblr, Pinterest, and/or prints for donors.

That last one is a fun idea.  Snap some not so great photos at the gala?  They’ll be much better as watercolors.  And your donors won’t see it coming – they’ll be impressed and delighted, you’ll come across as memorably sophisticated.  Wins, all around.  You’re welcome.

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