Quick Tips: Online Survey Tools

I often use online surveys in my consulting work, and the existence of free and good survey tools is not a secret anyone should be keeping.  (Want meaningful results?  You’ll still hire someone who knows what questions to ask, who to ask, how to get them to fill out your forms, and how to interpret the answers.  But I’m honestly shocked at the number of people who just don’t know they can build a survey cheaply or for free.)

Here are some of my favorites.

Google Forms – they’re my go to.  Easy to use, easy for many people to get into when designing and then when sorting through responses.  The look is basic, but clean.  Big bonus – they’re automatically mobile friendly.

Survey Monkey – another high quality standby, although there are limits to the free capabilities.  It’s not the top of the market any more, but I’m old enough that I’ve been using it forever, and it’s still very functional.

Soorvey – I don’t actually use this one all that much, but I like tossing it out as a third alternative.  People like choices, and if they ever chose it, it wouldn’t be awful to work with.  It’s got some drawbacks – like it doesn’t work with all browsers – but it’s great as a way of getting folks to distinguish between the other options I’ve given them.

Typeform – this is the newest option I’ve looked at.  It’s aiming to be the aesthetic choice for online surveys, and seems credible in making that bid.  Use this and you’ll seem cutting edge and polished.

Sometimes you don’t need an actual online survey…you just need a quick answer to a specific question.

For scheduling, Doodle is a great option.

Have a simple question where you want immediate feedback?  Try a Facebook poll, if you think your followers are representative of your overall constituency.

All free, all useful in their own right.  Put these in your basic toolbox.

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