Emotional Correctness – Lessons from a Lesbian Liberal on Fox

I am an unabashed social liberal.  That’s not a big secret.  So it won’t surprise anyone to learn that Fox News often confounds and enrages me.  And I find myself often wondering why people I admire, people who seem to share my progressive beliefs (OK, progressive is sort of a stretch when we’re talking about a “news” organization that does a whole piece on why women should become financially dependent on husbands…the notion that women might want to build their own credit history is apparently radical over there) – I wonder why these people agree to appear on Fox at all.

Well, here’s one answer, from Sally Kohn, and it’s one I think has relevance for all of us.

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In Praise of Peter Salovey

There’s a Jewish tradition that I really like – if you want to honor someone, you teach in their honor (typically something about Torah – the central Jewish holy text, but modern tradition isn’t quite so narrow).

So it’s my pleasure to do a little bit of teaching today in honor of Peter Salovey, my first psychology teacher and someone I admire greatly.  Today kicks off the festivities at Yale University to celebrate his inauguration as the University’s 23rd President.

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