Trust meditations

There’s this video, making the rounds on social media.  I love it for two reasons: first, I love watching slow motion acrobatics with beautiful people. Second, I kind of dig the new age calm of the narration, entreating me to learn to trust.

Take 3 minutes of your day and enjoy the eye candy and relax.  Then, when it’s over, go ahead and shake it off, smile to yourself, and say “Hooey!  This is hooey!” Read more

On overconfidence

Pros, cons, and thanks

Thank you, dear readers, for reaching the end of our first week on our new site.  I hope you like it; I think it’s absolutely amazing, and want to give a huge shoutout to Gilday Creative for making us (me!) look like a million bucks.  But I’ve also noticed something about myself the past couple of weeks as we prepared for the launch – I’m much more comfortable in the backend of this site.  When I load up the home page, or a full post for preview, my heart quickens and I get nervous.

Here’s my problem, and it’s one I think many people have, particularly women (at least statistically!) Read more

Fridays For You: a trick for stressful situations

About to go into a stressful or high pressure situation?  (A negotiation, a public speaking engagement, a job interview?)

Squeeze your LEFT fist as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then let go.  (Make sure you’re getting to a full 30 seconds – that’s a longer time than you think it is, when you’re focused on something like this.  If you can’t see a clock with a second hand from wherever you are, count Mississippi.  Remember to breathe.) Read more