Back to School Week – Who’s Your Target?

Here’s a challenge that many organizations have when it comes to choosing fundraising techniques: not spending enough time identifying their target donors for a given strategy.  For any initiative, you MUST be able to answer the question: who do you expect to give you money?

It matters, and when you don’t ask that question, you’re setting yourself up to damage morale, leave a bad taste in the mouth of community members without kids, and fall short of your goals.  Here’s a handy guide to help you figure out WHO you should be asking for money, and HOW you should do it.  These tips guaranteed* to make you sound super smart at the next PTO meeting.

*Development Shrink cannot be held responsible for your getting elected fundraising chair or given other leadership roles as the result of the wisdom contained in this post.

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Accounting vs. Plain English – the problem with “unearned” revenue

I went to business school.  I learned a lot of very useful things there, but when I give people the 30 second version of why it was so important to me and my career, it all boils down to this: college taught me how to speak French and Latin and a little Old English…but in business school, I learned how to speak Accountant and Consultant and a little Finance.  And a good part of what I do professionally is translating from one of these business languages into plain english.

Many folks get frustrated that such translation is necessary.  Can’t we all just use a common language for all this?   Read more