On the internet, carry salt

I subscribe to a ton of services that help me scour the internet, looking for good articles, tips, research and advice on fundraising and nonprofit management more generally.  Look – I’m living proof that anyone can say pretty much anything on the internet…but every now and then an article comes along that gets my blood boiling and I feel the need to remind everyone I know that you have to take everything with a grain of salt and read it through a lens of common sense and skepticism.

Here’s one that seems useful for nonprofits.  Research reveals four simple ways your not-for-profit can motivate donors. Headline follows the formula for standard click bait: [number] of [things] that are useful because [x].  Plus, it’s based on research!  Great.  Let’s look. Read more

Quick Tips: Getting Online Donations Up and Running, ASAP

A friend/reader just took a summer internship helping a small organization to think about their fundraising strategy.  He’s young (as you might have guessed from the internship bit), so the first thing the board did was assume that he knows a lot about “online stuff.”  Kids today, right?

Their top priority for him was to figure out how to get the organization to a place where they could accept online donations.

There’s more to having an online strategy than simply being able to take a credit card donation online…a LOT more, honestly.  Bottomline, being thoughtful is worth more than being an early-adopter of new technologies.  Always.  But ideally, you want to be thoughtful and take advantage of new tools. Read more