Reality TV – This Seems Like A Bad Idea

I’ve always said that a fundraising office would be a great place for a hour-long dramedy.  When I think of all the stories I can tell, I’m sometimes

But reality tv and fundraising seems like a terrible combination.  Like Grapefruit Juice and Creme de Menthe.  Even if you talk yourself into thinking it’s innocuous, you know you’re going to wind up regretting it, when your teeth are vibrating from the experience.  (I’ve tried that cocktail by the way.  It was one of my worst college mistakes.)

For those of you who aren’t scared off by sketchy, sketchy situations, though, here’s the opportunity for you! Read more

Mailbag: Forget the Overhead Myth

Q: I know that donors are looking at my administrative costs, and that I’m supposed to keep my overhead low if I want to get good evaluations from watchdog groups…but what does that actually mean?  I can’t cut anything else without cutting staff, so…are other people just way better at creative accounting?

A: Yes, there are some donors who are looking at your administrative expenses, popping it over your whole budget and rejecting folks whose ratio doesn’t match their ideals.  YOU DON’T NEED THEM. Read more