Quick tips: Don’t make this twitter mistake

@devshrink – I’ve been doing it wrong.

Syntax is really important, always, but most of us are learning twitter syntax on the fly, and for those of us for whom twitter is foreign enough to qualify as a third or fourth language, it’s trickier than we’d like to admit!  I’m grateful for tips like this from Hubspot and Jay Acunzo!  Check out their original post – it’s more detailed than mine – but here’s the quick and dirty version.

If you start a tweet with @username, it WILL NOT BE SEEN BY ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS.  Only the folks who follow BOTH you and the person your reference will see that tweet.

If you want all your followers to see your tweet, but you want to reference @username, you need to start your tweet with a character – any character (except those with syntactical relevance).  You can throw in a period, you can throw in an apostrophe…or you can switch up your sentence so you start with a word or two.